What options do I have to ship from China to Amazon FBA?

There are mainly 3 ways ship from China to Amazon FBA, courier, air delivery, train delivery(EU only) and sea delivery, each of them has their own advantages.

Courier means DHL, FedEx and UPS. If you need ship 21kg to 200kg to Amazon FBA warehouse in 3 to 5 days, then you can apply courier service, it usually applied when your store suddenly have a best seller while you do not have too much stock, then you may apply courier service to ship fastly from China to Amazon FBA; EU countries need to pay tax;

Air delivery usually takes 10 to 15 days and less expensive than courier, for example, you have one product estimated sold out in 20 to 30 days, then you can apply air delivery to ship 30kg to 300kg from China; The first leg usually ship via air line, 2nd leg ship via courier fedex, ups, dhl or truck. Cost effectvie and tax free;

Train delivery has similar delivery time with sea delivery, but cheaper and stable than sea, but it only available from China to EU currently. It suitable for large weight volume products shipping from China. Tax free.

Sea delivery usually applied for large weight volume goods from 100kg to 1000kg or more. It usually take around 40 to 50 days(covid19 might delay) , first leg via sea, 2nd leg via truck or courier service. Tax free.

No matter you want to ship from China to Amazon FBA via courier, air delivery, train delivery or sea delivery, you will need to know the products restrictions by courier and air, for example, if you ship from China to USA Amazon, glasses need FDA drop test, textile need to pay extra tax fee and more details information for customs declare.

If you do not know the product restrictions, just tell the Chinese shipping agent the products name, quantities, weight, volume, shipping countries and delivery time, they may quote for you the best way to ship from China to Amazon FBA.

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