Shipping Vape Products, China produces most vape in the world, because of the value of vape and the properties of fast products, China exports shipping vape mostly by air freight. Vape is built with batteries inside, which is considered dangerous, air freight and sea freight have strict requirements for it.

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Shipping Vape Products
Shipping Vape Products

Why Is It So Difficult To Ship Vape Products?

Vapes are also electronic cigarettes or atomizers. Their basic components are printed circuit boards, rechargeable batteries and various electronic circuits.

Vape Liquid is an electronically atomized liquid used in conjunction with a vape. Heated by an e-cigarette converter, it produces cigarette-like smoke. E-liquids are liquids, and airlines treat all liquids as suspected dangerous goods.

They do this to avoid risks to employees, equipment and other goods. Therefore, you should be aware that shipping companies are sensitive to liquid products or products with liquids. They refuse to transport vapor in liquid.

The power source of the electronic cigarette is a lithium battery, which is a flammable and dangerous goods. Although lithium batteries are common in everyday items, they can pose a fire hazard when transported by land and air.

Since all lithium batteries are considered dangerous, regulations are in place to ensure their safe transportation. Most airlines list cargo with built-in lithium batteries as dangerous goods and ban air cargo.

During transportation, e-cigarettes with built-in batteries are fragile, so the shipping company restricts the atomizer.

Due to the structure of the evaporator, it cannot be used as a normal transport. Because of this, airlines severely restrict their air travel. Special handling is required during transportation. However, you can still ship these e-cigarettes by air and express.

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Things To Know When Shipping Vape

Can’t we ship e-cigarettes in international shipping? we can. What are the precautions for shipping e-cigarettes from China? You should know that you can only ship a limited number of products, and your package must pass an eligibility test. Packaging must also comply with strict packaging regulations and should be properly declared and labeled.

How To Packaging Vape Cargo

Vape are considered sensitive commodities and we must pack them according to shipping requirements.

  • The product must be separated, the packaging must be firm, and the battery must not be moved.
  • Transportation with batteries cannot be combined with general cargo packaging.
  • The battery must meet good insulation measures.


Chemical manufacturers or distributors provide customers with detailed product documentation (pure substances or mixtures), including physicochemical parameters, explosion behavior, toxicity and environmental hazards, as well as information on safe use, emergency rescue, disposal, laws and regulations, etc. to help Users of the product better manage risk to control. Failure to provide safety data sheets or violations in safety data sheets increases the risk of trade disruption.

Electronic cigarettes have built-in lithium batteries. Lithium battery SDS is for merchandise and includes documentation with instructions. Shipping companies may ask you to provide MSDS files for e-cigarettes with built-in batteries.

Lithium Battery Label

When air transporting, any shipment containing lithium batteries exceeds the requirements of IATA, and lithium batteries need to be carefully labeled on the surface of the packaging.

The universal size of this label is 120 x 110mm. If the package size does not withstand the full-size lithium battery marking, a minimum size of 105 x 74mm can be used.

How To Ship A Vape From China

  1. You stock up, provide packing slips, invoices and confirm shipping times and shipping methods
  2. You deliver to the warehouse
  3. Inspection, an inspection of packaging, preparation of customs documents, booking
  4. Customs clearance, customs clearance cargo to the airport
  5. The goods leave China
  6. The goods arrive at the destination airport and clear customs
  7. Deliver to the recipient safely and on time

Importing e-cigarettes from China is not the easiest thing you will ever do. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to understand all the regulations and restrictions of different countries and carriers. Importers of e-cigarettes need to understand the guidelines and considerations for shipments from China.

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