Shipping From China to Denmark

There are many popular routes Shipping From China to Denmark , most notably via plane and ship for air freight and ocean freight respectably,On this page you will find detailed information about the process of shipping your goods, as well as everything you need to know about shipping, customs and prices so that you are well informed when making shipping decisions.

The history of trade between China and Denmark dates back to the 17th century when the first Danish ships landed in the Far East. Today, the two countries have strong trade ties, with China being Denmark’s largest trading partner outside Europe,Air and sea routes between the two are well utilised. If you want to import goods shipping from china to Denmark, then this page is for you. Here you will find useful information about various shipping methods, costs, transit times, customs clearance and ports.

Shipping From China to Denmark
Shipping To Denmark
Cheapest Shipping from China

Shipping From China to Denmark

Shipping From China to Denmark

There are many shipping routes from China to Denmark, but the one with the lowest cost might not be the fastest or cheapest. When shipping by air cargo, it is one of the most expensive travel routes but also one of the fastest. The most popular shipping option is sea freight, which takes a lot longer than air cargo but it’s cheaper too.

Shipping by air cargo is expensive but rapid, and so the best choice for last-minute shoppers or deliveries,There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of shipping from China to the Denmark. The freight forwarder in China, the type of cargo, and the destination all have an effect on the cost.

One important factor is whether or not you are using a container or a LCL but less time consuming method like air freight. Another factor is which freight forwarder you use to ship your goods. The final factor is how long it takes for your goods to be shipped from China to Denmark and this can vary depending on where in China your goods are being shipped from.

Sea Freight Shipping From China To Denmark

You can ship your goods using FCL and LCL shipping methods. There are many factors you need to consider when shipping from China to Denmark,A 40-foot container can hold 22 standard pallets, and a 20-foot container can hold 10 pallets.If you ship a lot of cargo and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load),Another benefit of full container loading is that your items are kept separate from other importers.

LCL (less than one container load), on the other hand, refers to the transportation of your cargo sharing container space with other cargo,If you’re comfortable with that, LCL shipping (also known as LCL shipping) offers a more cost-effective way to ship small shipments that are less than half the volume of a full container.

When shipping goods from China to Denmark, the most popular methods are sea, air and rail transport. Denmark’s main seaports are Aarhus, Copenhagen and Esbjerg. If you want to send a small parcel to Denmark or anywhere in Denmark, it must be sent by air freight.

Denmark is the largest export market for goods to China. In March 2018, China’s total exports to Denmark reached US$11.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%. The main products exported from China to Denmark are: machinery and mechanical equipment; some of them (USD 3.2 billion); motors and devices; some of them (USD 1.4 billion); furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress covers, pillows; lamps and lanterns Lighting devices; illuminated signs; name tags, etc. ($1.3 billion); steel products ($1.2 billion) and plastics and their products ($832 million).

When shipping from China, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, and Qingdao are the most common sea ports for cargo. Tianjin Xingang and Hong Kong are also popular choices.


LCL shipping means that your shipments share space with those of other companies,It also means that your delivery may take longer due to the packing and unpacking process,Before departure, your goods will be stored in the LCL warehouse in China until departure and then delivered to your address upon arrival at the unpacking warehouse in Denmark.


FCL shipping means renting an entire container for your cargo,FCL shipping is probably the most economical when your cargo is large enough to take up a container, or even a large portion of a container.It’s also faster than LCL shipping because you don’t need to combine or separate your items with other items,Your container will also remain sealed throughout its journey and unless selected for inspection by a customs officer, it will remain sealed until it reaches your address or destination of choice.

How Long In Ship From China To Denmark

Transit time from China to Aarhus Denmark takes 35 to 45 days , which is relatively stable and can be shipped easily. You can choose different shipping lines with different schedules. Door-to-door shipping takes an additional 18 days.

Shipping From China To Denmark Prices

Shipping container from china to denmark price, To export and then import in containers from China to Denmark via sea containers begins with an ocean freight cost of between $1150 USD to $4850 USD for shipment from the port of export in China to the port of import in Denmark, plus import fees from Denmark customs that are applied on the import of goods to be

What Is The Cheapest Way Shipping From China To Denmark?

Sea shipping is the cheapest way to ship goods from China to the Denmark,There are several factors that make it cheaper than air or rail freight,Sea shipping has the longest routes, so there are many ports available to choose from,As an example, one of the most popular ports in China is Shanghai.

in the Denmark you can find ports in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Frederikshavn. Depending on which port your goods leave from and where they’re going, you could save money on shipping costs by choosing a port that’s closer to your destination.

Sea shipping has more options for large cargo. The larger your shipment is, the cheaper it will be per unit to ship it by sea than by air or rail. That’s because each mode of transportation has its own restrictions on what kinds of items can be shipped by each method, as well as how much space those items will take up in a container.

sea freight forwarder
sea freight forwarder

Air Freight From China To Denmark

Of all your shipping options, air shipping is undoubtedly the fastest option. However, keep in mind that speed comes at a price and air freight can be expensive too,On the other hand, if you ship small shipments, or if fast shipping is an important part of your business that adds value, air freight is still a valid economical optionIf you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to drop us a message and our knowledgeable customer service team will contact you to discuss your options and find a solution that works for you.

Air freight from China to Copenhagen International Airport (IATA code CPH) is ideal for transporting cargo that is relatively high value and urgent but not necessarily large. With air freight services in China, you can get door-to-door delivery in less time than other shipping methods.

Air freight costs more than ocean or rail freight. However, air freight has many advantages over these modes of transportation. Air freight is safer, faster and more convenient than other modes of transportation. Air freight also provides greater flexibility in arranging deliveries and managing the movement of goods.

How long air freight takes From China to Denmark ?

The transit time from China to Copenhagen Denmark is usually 3 to 5 days. However, there are a few factors that can affect the delivery times of your cargo: the type of goods themselves (bulk or not), and their value and weight. The cargo can be directly departure from Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other China airports to all Denmark airports, such as Aarhus international airport (IATA code : AAR)

Air Freight Cost From China To Copenhagen Denmark

Air freight costs can add up quickly when shipping from China to Denmark. The best way to avoid paying unnecessary fees is to be aware of any additional fees your shipping company may add to your final bill. Here are some of the most common ones:

Air freight is a combination of various fees and surcharges, including air freight, fuel surcharges, security fees, terminal fees and other surcharges. These fees are set by airlines based on their operating costs. Airlines often adjust these fees to reflect market changes based on factors such as seasonality, international fuel prices and time of year. Air freight prices depend on the airline, route and season. For example, if two airlines both fly from China to Denmark, the cost of delivery during peak season may be different than the cost of delivery during low season.

Air Freight Forwarder
Air Freight Forwarder

Rail Freight From China To Denmark

Rail freight is emerging as an interesting and innovative way of transporting goods, while sea freight has traditionally been the most popular way of transporting goods in Asia. Now, we are seeing an increase in rail freight, which many see as a great alternative to the historic mode of transportation. Rail can be a good middle ground between air and sea in terms of price and time,The service is designed to be a weekly service for Denmarks customers receiving shipments from China.

Since rail freight costs are cheaper than air freight and train travel times are faster than sea freight, rail freight from China to Copenhagen (Denmark) has become a very important mode of transportation. All these factors mean rail freight plays an important role in modern supply chains.

The freight train service from China to Copenhagen-Denmark has been in operation for many years since the first train was launched. The rail line is still in operation, transporting thousands of TEUs from China. Rail freight from China to Denmark has become a popular mode of transportation for many companies looking to transport goods from China to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Shipping From China To Denmark Express

All courier companies use air freight to transport goods, so the delivery time and price are also flexible, similar to air freight.
There are many well-known express companies that regulate express companies such as FedExUPSDHL, etc.

Express shipping means urgent and faster delivery at higher prices and rates than other shipping methods. Also, the cost of expedited shipping increases during the holidays but drops sharply during the off-season.

To save money, when you are looking for shipping solutions from China to UK, a freight forwarder is the best choice as they can find you a courier company that can give you a reasonable price and they can also provide you discount price. Couldn’t find it on their official website.

  • Cheap delivery: The delivery time is 6-16 days, and the price is cheap, suitable for goods with short time requirements (no dangerous goods, oversized pieces or temperature controlled goods).
  • Standard Delivery: Delivery time is 3-8 days, reasonable price and shorter time.
  • Express: The delivery time is 4-5 days, speed is the priority, suitable for time-sensitive goods (perishable goods).

Express has many advantages, the unit price is usually higher than sea and air, but it all depends on your product needs.

If your goods are samples, small parcels or even letters, please do not hesitate to choose express delivery. This method is quick and easy and will be on your doorstep in no time.

Your freight forwarder can help you find the best solution for shipping from China to the UK, saving you money and time even if your shipment is slightly larger but should be less than 500kg.

Express Shipping
Express Shipping


Our professional freight forwarding service provides DDP shipping from China to Denmark,We use LCL by sea, air, rail and truck, our competitive prices and economical and timely service ensure your shipments are handled safely every step of the way,We offer home delivery, as well as delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses and other business addresses,10-15 days by air, 20-25 days by truck, 30-35 days by sea, 30-35 days by rail.


All items leaving China and arriving in Denmark must go through import and export procedures. This means that you need to consider the need for customs clearance.

While the process is complicated, it’s easy once you know what you’re doing. Without proper investigation, you can fall victim to unexpected delays and delays at the border.

Many freight forwarders like ours offer services to ease customs and transport your cargo safely and without worry. We will serve you as long as you provide us with the required details. This saves you a lot of time and lets you focus on core business functions.

The documents you’ll need to supply us are:

  • A Commercial Invoice
  • A Packing List
  • A Certificate of Origin
  • A Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depends on the contract between the parties involved)
  • An Airway Bill for air cargo or a Bill of Lading for ocean freight (this will be provided by the carrier or freight forwarder)

Also keep in mind that depending on your cargo, there may be additional requirements when it comes to paperwork. This could be because your goods are on a list of special goods that require additional permission or licences to import.

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