Shipping From China To Miami – 2023 Best Shipping Guide

Shipping from china to miami, Miami is the second largest city in Florida, USA, located on Key Biscayne on the Florida Peninsula. Miami is also the largest city in the South Florida metropolitan area

The Port of Miami is one of the most important container and cruise terminals in the southern United States. The name of the port is “PortMiami”, but its official name is Port of Miami. It is a major seaport on Key Biscayne at the mouth of the Miami River in Miami, Florida.

It is the busiest passenger port in the world and one of the busiest cargo ports in the United States. It connects the delivery of goods from China to the whole of Florida.

shipping from china to miami
shipping from china to miami

Shipping from China to Miami, Florida typically involves a few steps:

  1. Packaging and labeling of goods
  2. Freight forwarding to an international shipping company
  3. Loading the goods onto a shipping vessel
  4. Ocean shipping from a port in China to a port in Miami
  5. Customs clearance in Miami
  6. Delivery to the final destination

The exact cost and transit time will depend on factors such as the size and weight of the shipment, the shipping method, and the level of service required. To get an accurate quote, it’s best to contact an international shipping company.



ocean shipping is the cheapest way to ship from China to the Miami.

It usually provides a lot of flexibility in shipping different types of products.

This is especially true for buyers who ship large quantities of goods.

Despite its slow speed, sea shipping is still the most popular shipping method for U.S. importers.

Our experienced freight professionals will help you determine the best option for your shipping needs based on the size and weight of your load and your delivery service:


Best for loading up to 20m³ and over 500kg (approx), your cargo will be combined with other cargo in one container, meaning you won’t have to wait for a full container. However, LCLs typically take 5-7 days to arrive at the port of delivery, and they tend to clear customs more frequently due to split/merge requirements.

If you plan to export a shipment weighing less than 35kg, you may not find a carrier to handle it. It is impossible to ship such a small amount with freight logs. Instead, contact an international courier company that will ship your shipment by air at affordable rates.

Ocean freight will be the best deal for you if :

  1. Your suppliers are located near a major Chinese port
  2. Your goods are bigger than 2 CBM
  3. You’re not in a hurry to receive them


Your shipment will be shipped in standard 20 or 40 foot containers.

Shipping costs are also affected by your choice of door-to-door, port-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port delivery service.

Many other factors will affect your final cost and delivery time, including duties and taxes, insurance, etc., but the biggest factor is the origin and destination of the shipment, which will determine the port of loading and unloading.

Still, there are some general guidelines to help you compare the costs of different shipping methods.

For example, if you can fill a container, the FCL service will save you the most on shipping as the cost per unit is lower than LCL. This is because LCL shipping is calculated using the dimensional weight formula. In contrast, FCL is a flat rate per container.

The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Ship From China To The US


If you don’t want to wait weeks for your shipment to cross the ocean from China to the US, air freight can reduce the transit time to a few days, although the shipping costs are much higher.

Air freight is only economical if the package is not too large and most importantly not too heavy. Cost is based on a combination of volume (dimensions) and weight (volumetric weight).

Shipping less than 0.5m3 or less than 150kg may be worth air freight, but depending on the value, security requirements, type of cargo (perishable or sensitive) or urgency, you may need a larger air parcel despite the cost. In general, if air freight costs less than 20% of your total freight value, this may be a viable option.

FBA.FO can provide competitive ocean or air freight quotations and can get all the relevant resources needed for air or ocean freight.


Courier services involve the transfer of messages, packages and mail from one destination to another. While this service is a bit expensive, it offers importers a number of advantages. These include: Speed, Security, Tracking Services, and Specialization.

If you are importing Shipping from china to miami, express shipping is best only if your shipment is small and you value fast shipping. Note that China has established standard shipping services.

These include China Post offering security, tracking services, and affordable prices. China Post takes at least 7 business days to deliver packages being sent from china

On the other hand, China Post takes 10-20 days for delivery.Compared to express delivery, it is a bit slower.

Express shipping companies like FedExUPS, and DHL offer faster shipping. Their average shipping time is only 5-8 days.

You can look for a Chinese freight forwarder to serve you as they can offer express shipping with discounts

shipping from china to miami FAQ’s

he price to ship a container from China to Miami Florida, to port of Miami or Port Everglede in Miami will cost you approximately $3000 American Dollars (USD) for a 20ft container, and up to $3500 Dollars for a 40ft container from China to Miami. These rates examples are for local charges in China + export docs in China + Ocean Freight from China to Savannah.

Examples of Shipping rates door to port from the major ports of China to port of Miami.
From China: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Dalian, or Hong Kong.
To destination Miami: Port of Miami, Port of Tampa Florida, Port Everglades in Florida.

Port of loading:Container size:Shipping price:
Shanghai China to Miami20FT Containerfrom: $3500
Shanghai China to Miami40FT Containerfrom: $3990
Shenzhen China to Miami20FT Containerfrom: $3600
Shenzhen China to Miami40FT Containerfrom: $4000
Guangzhou China to Miami20FT Containerfrom: $3800
Guangzhou China to Miami40FT Containerfrom: $4000
Tianjin China to Miami20FT Containerfrom: $3600
Tianjin China to Miami40FT Containerfrom: $4000
Ningbo China to Miami20FT Containerfrom: $3650
Ningbo China to Miami40FT Containerfrom: $4000
Port of originPort of destinationSteamship LineTransit timeContainer
ShanghaiPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
ShenzhenPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
OOCL – Orient Overseas Container Line32 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
Ningbo-ZhoushanPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
CMA CGM35 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
GuangzhouPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
MSC35 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
QingdaoPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
OOCL38 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
TianjinPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
COSCO38 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
XiamenPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
MSC38 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
DalianPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
Hong KongPort of Miami
Port Everglades
Port of Tampa
ZIM LINE38 Days20FT 40FT 40HQ
Origin: ChinaDestination Baltimore:
Port: Shanghai CNSHAPort USMIA: Miami, Florida, US
Port: Shenzhen CNSHKPort USMIA: Miami, Florida, US
Port: Guangzhou CNXSAPort USMIA: Miami, Florida, US
Port: Tianjin CNTSNPort USMIA: Miami, Florida, US
Port: Xiamen CNXMNPort USMIA: Miami, Florida, US

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