Shipping From China To Italy

The two ways to Shipping From China To Italy are either by air freight or ocean freight. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks and below, we’ll guide you through each one so you can be well informed on both methods before you make any decision.

There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of shipping from China to the Italy. The freight forwarder in China, the type of cargo, and the destination all have an effect on the cost,China and Italy have a long and historic trade relationship, dating back centuries and even millennia. Some of the most popular contemporary exports from China to Italy are furniture, steel clothing and plastics.



Shipping From China To Italy

There are many shipping routes from China to Italy, but the one with the lowest cost might not be the fastest or cheapest. When shipping by air cargo, it is one of the most expensive travel routes but also one of the fastest. The most popular shipping option is sea freight, which takes a lot longer than air cargo but it’s cheaper too. Shipping by air cargo is expensive but rapid, and so the best choice for last-minute shoppers or deliveries.

One important factor is whether or not you are using a container or a LCL but less time consuming method like air freight. Another factor is which freight forwarder you use to ship your goods. The final factor is how long it takes for your goods to be shipped from China to Italy and this can vary depending on where in China your goods are being shipped from.

Sea Freight Shipping From China To Italy

When shipping goods from China to Italy, the most popular methods are sea, air and rail transport. Italy has only a few important seaports: Genoa, La Spezia, Venice and Milan. Depending on the size of your shipment and the products you are shipping, different ports are better suited for different situations. For example, if you’re shipping heavy machinery or electronics, Venice may not be the best choice because the busy port makes it difficult to unload large equipment quickly. If you need help determining which one is best for your specific situation, contact one of our freight experts today!

When shipping goods from China to Italy by sea, one of the most important considerations is which seaports and routes are best for you. For FCL and LCL shipments, there are different options available depending on where you are in China and where in Italy you want your goods shipped to. For LCL shipments to Italy, there is only one option: Genoa. This port near Milan serves all locations throughout Italy with very few exceptions.

You can transport your goods by both FCL and LCL shipping. There are many factors you need to consider when shipping from China to Italy.

A standard 40 foot container can accommodate 22 standard pallets, with a 20 foot container holding 10 pallets,If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load),The other advantage of Full container load is that your items are kept separate from other importers.

On the other hand, LCL (Less than a Container Load) refers to shipping where your goods share space within a container with other goods,If you’re ok with that, then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container.

Precautions for LCL Freight

LCL shipping means that your shipments share space with those of other companies,It also means that your delivery may take longer due to the packing and unpacking process,Before departure, your goods will be stored in the LCL warehouse in China until departure and then delivered to your address upon arrival at the unpacking warehouse in Italy.

FCL Shipping Precautions

FCL shipping means renting an entire container for your cargo,FCL shipping is probably the most economical when your cargo is large enough to take up a container, or even a large portion of a container.It’s also faster than LCL shipping because you don’t need to combine or separate your items with other items,Your container will also remain sealed throughout its journey and unless selected for inspection by a customs officer, it will remain sealed until it reaches your address or destination of choice.

How long does sea freight take from China to Italy?

Shipping time from China to Italy is approximately 30 to 50 days. Shipping time from port to port is approximately 3 days. 46 to 53 days for sea shipping,This is one of the most stable modes of transportation as it utilizes a large number of frequent departure schedules provided by various transportation companies. Delivery times can be reduced by using faster shipping routes.

For companies working with Chinese suppliers, shipping time from China to Italy is a very important factor. Delivery time can be a major obstacle for importers, especially if their suppliers are located in China. There are many factors that affect shipping time from China to Italy, such as the distance between the two countries, the mode of transportation and the speed at which the goods are moving.

The distance between China and Italy may be a huge obstacle, as it can result in long shipping transit times. It is recommended that importers contact their suppliers in order to determine what the actual shipping transit time will be.It is also important to take into account all modes of transportation when looking at shipping transit time from China to Italy.

For example, cargo ships have a high probability of turning around when the ship is near Italy and then sailing back to China.Overall, it is important for businesses to keep in mind that there are many factors that contribute to the shipping transit time from China to Italy. This can be overwhelming and it can be difficult.

Container shipping transit time by sea from China to Italy (Genoa, Gioia Tauro)

POL (Port of Loading)POD (Port of Discharge)Transit time
QingdaoGenoa34 days
QingdaoGioia Tauro43 days
ShanghaiGenoa30 days
ShanghaiGioia Tauro32 days
ShenzhenGenoa24 days
ShenzhenGioia Tauro24 days
Container shipping transit time by sea from China to Italy (Genoa, Gioia Tauro)

Major ports of Italy

Genoa (ITGOA)
Busiest port in Italy
Top 3 in the Mediterranean Sea
Well connected to Italy’s major cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna, and Venice.
The Ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure set a new annual container volume record for 2021, reporting 2.78 million TEU.

Gioia Tauro (ITGIT)
The port of Gioia Tauro is Italy’s top transshipment port
Ranks 9th in Europe and 6th in Mediterranean Sea
It’s the largest port in Italy in terms of container throughput, and it handled 3.14 million TEU in 2021.

Naples (ITNAP)
The Port of Naples is one of the largest Italian seaports and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea.

La Spezia (ITSPE)
One of the Mediterranean Sea’s busiest container ports located south of Genoa
It is in proximity to a network of rail and highway routes.

Air Shipping From China To Italy

Of all your shipping options, air shipping is undoubtedly the fastest option. However, keep in mind that speed comes at a price and air freight can be expensive too,On the other hand, if you ship small shipments, or if fast shipping is an important part of your business that adds value, air freight is still a valid economical option,If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to drop us a message and our knowledgeable customer service team will contact you to discuss your options and find a solution that works for you.

Air freight from China to Milan Airport is ideal for cargo that is relatively high value and urgent but not necessarily large. With air freight services in China, you can get door-to-door delivery at competitive prices and in less time than other shipping methods,Air freight is generally more expensive than ocean or rail freight, but offers many advantages that the other two cannot offer. Air freight is safer, faster and more convenient than other modes of transportation. Air freight’s greater flexibility when planning deliveries and its easier-to-manage cargo flow are two advantages that cannot be ignored.

When coordinating time-sensitive shipments, air freight can ensure a fast delivery from China to Italy. Maybe you are accelerating the delivery by using air freight to make up for the time loss for a delayed project, maybe you are having a pressing deadline, or the cargo to be shipped are perishable products. Whatever it is, you have speed guarantee when shipping by air from China to Italy, naturally at higher shipping cost.

China Air Freight Services
China Air Freight Services

Air Freight Transit Time From China To Italy

Air Freight transit time from China to Italy is usually 3 to 4 days, Air freight is the quickest way of getting goods from China to Italy.

While the flight itself is only a matter of hours, there are still customs and airport security and logistics to pass through, so overall, an air freight service might take anything from three to nine days to reach you, which is still much quicker than any other method of transport,Also take into account the different routes and airports of departure and arrival as these can have an effect on your time.

Air Freight Cost From China To Italy

In 2023, the cost of air freight from China to Italy will be around US$950. It costs just $9.50 per kilogram

Airfreight expenses encompass a range of charges and additional fees, such as the airfreight charge, fuel surcharge, security fee, terminal fee, and other surcharges. These charges are determined by airlines based on their operational expenses. Airlines frequently adjust these charges to reflect market fluctuations, taking into account factors like seasonality, international oil prices, and the time of year.

The airfreight charge is influenced by the airline, route, and season. For instance, if there are two airlines offering flights from China to Italy, the cost of shipping during peak season will likely differ from that during the off-season.

Airlines impose a fuel surcharge at a fixed rate per kilogram for all intra-European flights, regardless of the distance traveled within Europe. This surcharge is based on international oil prices and fluctuates regularly.

The security fee is another additional cost associated with airfreight into Italy, typically already included in the shipping price provided by your chosen airline and China freight forwarder. This fee, which is usually around $80 USD per shipment, covers the expenses of additional security screening required when importing goods by air.

Terminal fees encompass charges for loading/unloading, cargo handling services, parking costs, and other related services.The surcharges we apply may vary depending on factors such as seasonality and oil prices. Consequently, the figures provided on this page are subject to change every few months or even weekly.

Major airports in Italy

Italy’s busiest airport for freight
Milan Malpensa Airport closed 2021 with an all-time record of 741 thousand tons of cargo transported.

Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (IATA CODE: FCO)
Rome’s busiest airport and the eighth busiest airport in Europe
Five terminals, one which is dedicated to cargo

Rail Freight From China To Italy

Railway freight has emerged as an intriguing and innovative option for transporting goods, challenging the traditionally dominant sea freight method in Asia. The increasing popularity of railway shipping is seen as a viable alternative to conventional modes of transportation, offering a favorable balance between cost and time when compared to air and sea shipping.

The significance of rail freight from China to Milan, Italy cannot be overstated, particularly due to its cost-effectiveness in comparison to air freight and faster transit time compared to sea freight. These factors have contributed to the pivotal role played by rail freight in the modern supply chain.

The availability of rail freight services from China to Milan, Italy has been established for several years, with the railway line continuing to operate efficiently and facilitating the transportation of numerous TEUs of shipments from China. As a result, rail freight has gained popularity among businesses seeking to transport goods from China to Milan, Italy.

Rail Freight Transit Time From China To Italy

Rail freight transit time from China to Milan Italy is 18-22 days, compared with sea shipping which takes 30 to 50 days,Rail freight is faster by 10 to 15 days and offers a more cost effective way of moving cargo. Rail Freight will be a game changer for many industries.

China – Europe trains usually take 15-20 days, depending on the distance and the customs inspection delay. The railway line runs through Kazakhstan – Russia – Belarus – Poland – Germany – Italy.

Shipping from China to Italy Express

All courier companies use air freight to transport goods, so the delivery time and price are also flexible, similar to air freight.
There are many well-known express companies that regulate express companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

Express shipping means urgent and faster delivery at higher prices and rates than other shipping methods. Also, the cost of expedited shipping increases during the holidays but drops sharply during the off-season.

To save money, when you are looking for shipping solutions from China to UK, a freight forwarder is the best choice as they can find you a courier company that can give you a reasonable price and they can also provide you discount price. Couldn’t find it on their official website.

  • Cheap delivery: The delivery time is 6-16 days, and the price is cheap, suitable for goods with short time requirements (no dangerous goods, oversized pieces or temperature controlled goods).
  • Standard Delivery: Delivery time is 3-8 days, reasonable price and shorter time.
  • Express: The delivery time is 4-5 days, speed is the priority, suitable for time-sensitive goods (perishable goods).

Express has many advantages, the unit price is usually higher than sea and air, but it all depends on your product needs,If your goods are samples, small parcels or even letters, please do not hesitate to choose express delivery. This method is quick and easy and will be on your doorstep in no time,Your freight forwarder can help you find the best solution for shipping from China to the UK, saving you money and time even if your shipment is slightly larger but should be less than 500kg.

Road Freight Trucking Shipping From China To Italy

Road Freight trucking is known for its efficiency in transit time, ranking second only to Air Freight. When comparing transit times, it takes 13 days for Road Freight trucking to transport goods from China to Germany, while Air Freight takes 10 days. On the other hand, China Europe Railway takes 16 days, and sea freight takes a longer duration of 50 days.

Although Road Freight trucking may not be as fast as Air Freight, it still outperforms Road Freight trucking and China Europe Railway in terms of timeliness. Moreover, Road Freight trucking offers a cost-effective solution as its expenses are significantly lower than those of Air Freight. This makes Road Freight trucking the preferred choice for international transportation.

In the current market scenario, where container shortages and port congestion pose challenges to the logistics and transportation industry, Road Freight trucking provides a viable solution. It not only helps in reducing shipping costs but also covers extensive transportation routes between China and Europe.

One of the advantages of Road Freight trucking is its versatility in loading and unloading places. As long as there is road connectivity, door-to-door transportation can be easily achieved. Additionally, Road Freight trucking is particularly suitable for delivering large quantities of goods in small batches. It is commonly used to transport freight to distribution centers or warehouses, but it can also deliver directly to customers’ own warehouses or factories.

Customs Clearance in China and Italy

All items leaving China and arriving in Italy must go through import and export procedures. This means that you need to consider the need for customs clearance,While the process is complicated, it’s easy once you know what you’re doing. Without proper investigation, you can fall victim to unexpected delays and delays at the border.

Many freight forwarders like ours offer services to ease customs and transport your cargo safely and without worry. We will serve you as long as you provide us with the required details. This saves you a lot of time and lets you focus on core business functions.

The documents you’ll need to supply us are:

  • A Commercial Invoice
  • A Packing List
  • A Certificate of Origin
  • A Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depends on the contract between the parties involved)
  • An Airway Bill for air cargo or a Bill of Lading for ocean freight (this will be provided by the carrier or freight forwarder)

Also keep in mind that depending on your cargo, there may be additional requirements when it comes to paperwork. This could be because your goods are on a list of special goods that require additional permission or licences to import.

What is the fastest way to ship to Italy?

If we need to make a ranking, we have made the following ranking according to shipping speed

NO.1: International Express
NO.2: Air transport
No.3: Trucking
NO.4: Railway transportation
NO.5: Ocean freight

Freight Forwarder China to Italy

Weilong Logistics have been in shipping industry for over 1 decades and have the expertise to handle any shipping needs from China to Italy, and we handle hundreds of shipments for customs every month. We have an excellent track record with respect to all imports being cleared on time.

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