Port of Thessaloniki

Port of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Port is strategically situated in northern Greece near to the main Trans-European motorway and railway networks. It is among the largest seaports in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • TEU: 460,724 container (2020)
  • One of the busiest cargo ports and 2nd largest container port in Greece
  • Country’s most prominent export port
  • Primary sea gate of the Balkans and Southeast Europe
  • 1st conventional cargo transit port of Greece
  • Biggest passenger terminals in the Aegean Sea basin
  • Has 14 quays perfect for all types of bulk/break cargo
  • Quays are linked to the national and international rail network
  • Top cargoes handled: grain, iron, refined products, crude oil, cement, timber, etc
  • Annually took: 3,000 vessels visit, 16 million tons of cargo, 7 million tons of dry cargo, 9 million tons of liquid fuel cargo, and 220,000 passengers

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