Port of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg is one of the largest seaport in Germany, situated in the middle of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. It is also the second biggest container port in Europe and ranks 11th biggest in the world.

  • TEU: 9,300,000 container volume (2014)
  • 3RD busiest port in Europe
  • 15th largest worldwide
  • Largest cargo facility
  • Occupies an area of 73.99km and 43.31 kilometers land areas
  • A universal port that can handle all kinds of goods
  • Offers a variety of services; handling cargo, customs clearance, quality control, storage, and packing or distribution
  • Has three hundred twenty berths available at the port
  • Provide 27 container gantries, modern twin-forty container cranes that can load and unload two 40-foot containers in a single movement

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