Piraeus Port

Piraeus Port

Piraeus Port is the primary seaport of Athens, Greece. It handles many cargoes and a large quantity of ferry/cruise passengers.

  • TEU: 5,430,000 container (2020)
  • Largest port in Greece
  • A major port in Europe in terms of passenger traffic
  • Chief container terminal in the Mediterranean Sea and rank 5th in Europe
  • One of the principal car terminals in the East Mediterranean
  • Serves as the primary commercial gate to Greece and into worldwide
  • Cruise central in East Mediterranean
  • Top imports: petrol, oil, timber, coal, metal, and industrial products
  • Mainly exports: cotton, fruit, cement, etc
  • Handled annually: 11,706,200 tons of cargo, 25,100 vessels and 20,336,500 passengers

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