Take Advantage Of Pallet Delivery – Complete Guide IN 2022

In freight, pallet deliveries are a great way for companies to save money and energy. Originally designed for transportation, pallets facilitate the import and export of various international goods.

Many companies use pallets as a safe and secure way to ship goods from China, which prevents damage to the goods in transit. Goods can be transported safely due to the simple structure and the effectiveness of safe transport means.

Pallets are becoming more popular and used worldwide due to the ease of pallet handling and product transportation.

I hope this article helped you understand pallet delivery.

What Is Pallet Delivery?

Pallet printing is the process of packing and storing products together and loading them into a unit on a pallet for storage or shipping. A pallet is a flat structure used to store goods that can be transported easily and efficiently. The goods are generally stacked on pallets, and are tightened with brushed bricks to ensure that the whole is fixed and the goods will not fall off.

The pallet is designed with a gap that allows the forklift to insert the forklift pins, then lift the pallet and load and move it a short distance.

Mechanical pallet handling can be done easily and safely, saving time and greatly increasing productivity and efficiency. People don’t need to carry heavy loads, so pallets help reduce the risk of injury or injury in the workplace. Therefore, LCL cargo needs to be palletized at some destination ports.

Therefore, it is necessary to use palletized LCL cargo at some destination ports.

Pallet Delivery Process – Explained

What Cargo Can Pallet Delivery Can Ship?

The range of items that can be transported on pallets is quite surprising.

A variety of goods, from appliances, furniture, motorcycles, building materials, and small boxes, are suitable for pallet delivery.

Pallet Delivery
Pallet Delivery

Three Advantages of Using Pallet Delivery


Your goods can be loaded onto pallets and shipped directly. Depending on the mode of transport, the pickup is carried out by a freight forwarder. If you have to ship large quantities, you will gain a considerable economic advantage with pallet pricing. The pricing method is based on the weight and type of goods shipped, which reduces costs.

Trays can be moved mechanically for greater efficiency.

Most companies ship a lot of products on a daily basis. Pallets are a must for them, they are easier to move and allow them to move products using pallet stackers. Goods can be easily monitored and very practical. You record the cargo on each pallet for easy cargo management.

Provide better protection.

Regardless of the product being shipped, pallets can help consolidate products for increased safety, reduce excess product space, and prevent damage in transit.

When loading, carriers carefully plan cargo quantities and pallet weight distribution, and use standard packing materials for added protection. The load is securely fastened to the pallet, thus protecting the load from wear, punctures and damage that may occur during transport.

Pallet Size

Trays come in different shapes and sizes, and their width and height can be adjusted to a company’s specific needs and designed for different uses.

When choosing the right pallet, you should consider the shape, weight and size of the products stored on the pallet. Chinese pallets vary in size, typically 800mm x 1200mm and 1000mm x 1200mm (120cm x 100cm, 120cm x 80cm).

A variety of different designs can be customized according to user needs.

Some pallet manufacturers can even customize pallets with very precise or unusual dimensions to meet business needs.

What Material Is The Pallet Made Of?

The pallet is made of many materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic.

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Not all pallets look the same because they are all for different purposes. Pallets are basically designed according to the weight or other specifications that need to be carried.

wooden pallet

wooden pallet
wooden pallet

Wooden pallets are the most popular type due to their durability and strength, and they are very affordable. Wooden pallets are very cheap.

They can be very heavy, which increases air freight costs. It is also prone to damage, warping, and fungal and insect problems with increased use. For international shipments, non-fumigated pallets with logs are prohibited. As a result, they are increasingly being replaced by plastic pallets.

Plastic tray

Plastic tray
Plastic tray

Plastic trays are another type of trays made from synthetic resin through an injection molding process. There are different types of plastic pallets, and they vary in cost and durability.

They can be reused without any special maintenance and offer a non-slip surface and high elasticity.

Plastic pallets are generally very strong and can be transported repeatedly without cracking or being afraid of sharp objects. Plastic trays are nested structures that save storage space.

But when it breaks, it’s often difficult to repair.

cardboard tray

cardboard tray
cardboard tray

Cardboard trays are made from structurally reinforced cardboard and paper materials. Its advantages are that it is lightweight, recyclable and inexpensive. It is usually used for lighter loads.

Cardboard trays are fragile and will collapse once they hit water, making them unsuitable for any application.

metal tray

metal tray
metal tray

Can withstand heavy loads and is suitable for heavy cargo transportation, offshore storage and long-term outdoor storage.

Because they are stronger than plastic and wood and won’t rot or splinter, they are most commonly used to store or transport particularly large or heavy loads. However, the metal pallets themselves are usually heavier and more expensive than other pallets. Steel pallets are not often used for shipping.

Brief Summary

There are several types of trays available above. Which type you choose depends on these factors – the cost of the pallet and the shipping costs involved.

The heavier the pallet, the more you will pay for shipping. You have to consider the purpose and affordability of the pallet. The larger and heavier the product, the greater the structure and strength required to withstand the load.

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