How To Import Clothes From China To USA

How to import clothes from china to usa ? If you are starting your own clothing line or running a clothing retail store in the US, importing wholesale clothing from China to the US will be a concern for you. Well, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s talk first about the really cheap designer products you can find on Chinese websites. Buying designer clothes from China at ridiculously low prices can give you the wrong experience.

If you’re looking to buy an original Chinese polo shirt for $5, your best bet is a replica or knockoff. So if you’re looking for original, cheap designer clothing in bulk, China isn’t for you.

But in China, you can get tons of unique clothing of great quality. Due to low production costs, China is the first port of call for cheap wholesale clothing.

Most designers and wholesalers source their wares from China, and you can make a lot of money importing wholesale clothing from China to the US. Here is a guide to wholesale clothing imported from China.

how to import clothes from china to usa
how to import clothes from china to usa

How To Import Clothes From China To USA – Detailed process:

  1. The export declaration enterprise should be registered and filed with the local customs and inspection and quarantine bureau, and have the right to operate import and export and the qualification to declare inspection.
  2. Documents required for export declaration: 1. After the goods arrive at the customs supervision area and 24 hours before loading, the customer must prepare the required documents for the customs

Documents to declare to the customs 2. Necessary documents: one copy of list, invoice, contract, verification form, customs declaration power of attorney, shipping company loading list and other documents.

  1. According to the various certificates stipulated in the customs tariff rules. (such as customs clearance form, export license, etc.)
  2. Documents required for export inspection: 1. The customer should prepare the required documents three days before the date of customs declaration and declare to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. offer sheet

The certificates include: list invoice, contract, power of attorney for inspection, factory inspection sheet, carton packing list and other certificates. 2. For the export of goods to the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union, etc., the outer packaging is made of wood and needs to be fumigated or heat-treated. The documents provided by the customer include: list, invoice, contract, and power of attorney for inspection. If the fumigated product is a wood product, a factory inspection form is also required. 3. Do fumigation or heat treatment

Products, the customer should deliver the goods to the designated yard or port area for fumigation two days before customs declaration. (Fumigation takes 24 hours)

  1. The export declaration is formally declared to the customs. If taxes and fees need to be paid for export, the taxes and fees should be paid in time.
  2. The on-site inspection of documents by the customs is over. After the goods documents are released, the owner of the goods should transport the goods to the customs supervision area within the time specified by the customs

Check and release. If inspection is required, the customs broker should contact the customs in time to carry out the inspection of the goods. After inspection, the designated lead should be sealed by the shipping company.

seal up. Those that do not need to be inspected should be released in time, and the bill of lading should be delivered to the port area for shipment according to the cut-off time.

  1. After the goods are exported, the shipping company will send the export manifest data to the customs. After the customs receives the data, the customs broker waits for the customs data to be cleared, and then prints the tax refund verification and write-off page at the customs in time.
  2. End of export customs clearance

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