Holiday Shipping: How To Avoid Chinese New Year And Christmas Delays?

Did you delay Christmas and Chinese New Year deliveries? Whenever these two festivals come, your shipment from China cannot be delivered within the expected time.

Retailers import most of their items from China, receive them before the holidays, and then put them on shelves at the start of the sales season. But when the holidays come, shipping delays always happen.

Most people enjoy their holidays. On the contrary, holidays are the busiest time of year for international express companies. Therefore, during the holidays, your online purchases from couriers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx and DHL will experience delivery delays. Local couriers are under pressure to meet Christmas expectations on time.

Many of these retailers rely on top-notch carriers to support their international shipments as efficiently as possible. Regardless of your shipping method, it’s important to know and choose the best shipping times to meet your holiday delivery needs.

Holiday Shipping
Holiday Shipping

Why Do The Shipping Delays Occur On Holidays

The reasons for air freight delays are unpredictable. Air freight is the most important link in the global supply chain. Many products are shipped from China to other parts of the world by air, especially during holidays. In order to ensure the timely delivery of goods, air freight is carried out.

Air cargo is transported using dedicated cargo and passenger flights. Passenger flights have limited cargo capacity and are unable to carry passengers’ cargo and luggage.

Air cargo demand surged during the holiday period, leaving flights unable to cope with the surge. Due to fixed routes, airlines will not increase cargo flights during peak seasons. A large amount of air cargo will be waiting in the warehouse for flight pickup, and it will take several days or even more than ten days for the airport cargo to process these order quantities.

In other words, airlines will not improve their responsiveness to additional demand, and air cargo capacity is not yet fully available. As a result, shippers experience shipping delays every year during peak air seasons if flights are not booked in advance.

Holiday Shipping: Avoid Chinese New Year factory closures

What Can You Do To Avoid Holiday Shipping Delays?

Almost every year around Christmas and before the Chinese New Year, there is a peak season for export transportation. A lot of cargo is piled up at the airport cargo terminal.

Therefore, plan ahead to avoid delivery delays.

Book Air Freight in Advance

Before Christmas and the Spring Festival, it is the peak season for export shipping, and a large number of goods are piled up at the airport cargo terminal.

Therefore, plan ahead to avoid delivery delays.

Book Air Freight in Advance

Shippers tend to book flights a few days before holiday shipments. If you need to deliver on time during the holidays, considering the flight is unavailable or delayed, it can be stressful for you. You may not be able to book a flight for your cargo before the holiday and try to avoid embarrassing situations. It is to your advantage to book your flight early.

Stock up in advance

Make sure you have enough inventory to pay for the sale. Retailers with years of experience during the peak season can learn from past sales data and predict future sales. The right inventory quantity can withstand holiday delays. If you are an Amazon seller, you must prepare sufficient inventory(Learn more about “Shipping from China to Amazon FBA“).

Make Strategies For the Chinese Lunar New Year

You will find this Lunar New Year holiday when importing from China. One month before Christmas every year, many importers from all over the world purchase goods in large quantities in response to the upcoming shopping season, which makes China’s export logistics very busy. If you need your shipment urgently, it will cause unforeseen shipping delays. The challenge you will face.

Your supplier is on vacation

Also, Chinese New Year comes after Christmas. Chinese New Year is a public holiday in China, which means factories will be closed for at least two weeks before the Spring Festival shipping begins!

China logistics stopped

The Spring Festival holiday is 7 days, and the logistics company is suspended for two weeks. If your delivery date is close to Chinese New Year, you are prone to logistics stalls and your shipments will miss the deadline. Your shipment will be stuck in China for two weeks and your shipment will be severely delayed.

If you’re serious about Chinese New Year, try to work long-term, not just short-term. To deliver on time, you need a strategy.

Advice: Plan your shipments ahead of time to avoid two of the busiest shipping holidays. Your logistics service provider will help you find a solution that allows you to save more on shipping costs by sea than by air.


Upon the holidays, an China freight forwarder will estimate the delivery time and take measures to ensure that your goods arrive at your destination at the expected time.

China freight forwarder set up a special partnership with airlines to enable you to get stable international freight shipping before the big holidays. Shipping in advance is a better idea to reduce the chance of any delays and reduce freight shipping costs.

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