Freight Forwarder: July 2022 update guide

Many people today are well aware of the benefits of the freight forwarding industry. Forwarders provide a service to shippers and freight forwarders. Although it has some drawbacks, the freight forwarding industry is vital to the global economy.

The freight forwarding industry has many different jobs, and that’s why it’s so vital. There are many different ways to be involved in the industry. You can start out by being a truck driver. Next, you can become a freight forwarder and work for a freight forwarder. You can also become a broker and work for a customer. The freight forwarding industry is always growing, and that’s why there are so many jobs available.

Freight forwarders play a vital role in the global economy by helping to move freight. 2021 there are over 150 million tons of freight transported in a year. That is equivalent to over 6,000 miles of cargo track per year. That is just one example of how important freight forwarders are to the economy.

Through the video, you can learn everything about freight forwarding

Freight Forwarding – A Complete Explainer Video

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what is a freight forwarder

Many customers want to know what does freight forwarding mean? Freight forwarders provide a service to shippers and freight forwarders. They do this by identifying the cheapest and most efficient way to transport freight from one location to another. This is a very important service as it allows businesses to expand and stay in operation. Additionally, it also allows for the development of new business opportunities for people in the freight forwarding industry.

Import and export creates lucrative opportunities for companies with the resources to implement strategic logistics plans. But the logistics of international shipping are complex, to say the least.

Importing and exporting goods is a core part of many companies large and small. While international shipping offers powerful business opportunities, it can also be very daunting. The term “Freight forwarder” can be confusing if you’re not familiar with it. Are you a sales manager? Can freight forwarder have another term? Is it an import/export service partner?

Freight forwarding is the service that most importers and exporters use to arrange shipments. Freight forwarders are licensed experts who understand how the end-to-end shipping process works and can do it on your behalf. Think of them as travel agencies for goods – just like travel agencies, they come in many shapes and sizes.

Some are freight companies or freight forwarders in nature and are not involved in international shipping. Some specialize in ocean or air freight forwarders. Smaller carriers tend to limit their reach to a few popular countries where they have working relationships with local logistics providers. At the other end of the scale, the larger carriers offer global shipping.

Freight forwarder acts as an intermediary between the company performing the transportation and the final destination of the goods. Although they do not transport themselves, they offer different modes of transport such as ocean/sea, rail freight, road transport and air freight.

Freight forwarders use their reliable connections with freight forwarders and partners, from air transport specialists and forwarders to overseas routes, to negotiate the best prices. This can use established commercial routes with regular frequent departures or charter flights, evaluate different offers and choose a better route that optimizes speed, cost and reliability, taking into account all the variables needed to analyze each case.

Often, freight forwarders handle large volumes of cargo, even from one international destination to another, so it plays a key role in triangular transactions. A triangular transaction involves at least three companies (manufacturer, intermediary and end customer), each located in a different country, although it is a single supply of goods and transportation. This process requires extensive documentation and is mainly associated with VAT declarations.

freight forwarding services

Here’s a shortlist of the services that freight forwarders provide so you can book your next shipment with confidence:

  1. Prepare all the paperwork, make the bookings, and arrange payments required for each sector of the shipment that they are responsible for.
  2. Act on your behalf with numerous other parties involved in the shipment, air cargo carriers, any other logistics providers involved in the shipment, and trucking companies.
  3. Provide a customs brokerage service – that is they are both a clearing and forwarding agent and may act on your behalf with customs agents.
  4. Troubleshooting if any issues arrive with the shipment.
  5. Advice on optimising transport costs: freight charges, special,documentation costs, customs clearance expenses, customs duty
  6. Cargo insurance: advantageous conditions at competitive premiums
  7. Advice for proper packaging, labelling, loading and stowage of merchandise
  8. Reports, custom performance reports and carbon footprint KPIs
  9. Tailored solutions for each project
  10. Supply chain optimisation advice on the best means of transport and the best route for a shipment according to origin, nature of the merchandise, destination, seasonality, danger and urgency of the merchandise (air, sea, rail or road)
  11. Customs advice, from the appropriate tariff item for your merchandise to the necessary documents for customs clearance, dedicated storage and logistics services.

But is this really the case? I have been a freight forwarder for many years. In fact, we have been providing some free services for customers, such as: providing extra protection to the goods, picking up the goods at the airport, free guaranteeing that the packaging of the goods meets the export standards, etc.

Freight Forwarding Classification

ocean freight forwarder

Ocean freight represents a reliable method of shipping large quantities, with options designed to accommodate different cargo sizes. Two of them include FCL and LCL shipping.

For FCL shipping, all the goods in the container belong to one party, while for LCL, the goods from multiple shippers are packed together.

Business needs and inventory requirements, along with factors such as cost and commodity type, drive a company’s shipping decisions. For example, LCL allows you to carry a smaller, more adaptable inventory of products, while FCL is ideal for bulk and high-volume products.

air freight forwarder

Air freight forwarding is the process of organizing and planning the transport of freight from one point to another by air.

While freight forwarders don’t physically move your cargo, they do assist in every facet of your shipment, simplifying the process and taking on the burden of communicating between all of the people and moving parts that are typically involved.

Some forwarders specialize in ocean freight, while others work specifically with air freight.

What is the difference between Courier, EMS and Freight Forwarder? Explained each Air cargo service.

freight forwarder amazon fba

After Amazon launched Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), freight forwarder amazon fba began offering freight forwarding services to Amazon’s warehouses around the world. Thousands of these shipments are shipped every month, if your supplier is in China, we feel you should use a Chinese freight forwarder to provide you with this service

How To Get The Best Freight Forwarder For Your Amazon FBA

International Freight Forwarding Companies

Maybe you know everything about your business, the best tools, and even the latest consumer shopping habits. But there’s a good chance the cargo is still a little fuzzy. You need a trusted ally in the freight industry, an agent who works on your behalf.

There may be over 100,000 trucking companies worldwide. This seems to be spoiled for choice. However, in an industry often described as opaque, customers know very little about pricing and service levels.

How to choose a good company
First, consider whether your shipment has special requirements.
Determining your shipment may limit carrier options.
Know what to look for when you are driven by price.
Know what to look out for when service is more important to you than price.
Finally, you are looking for a platform that allows you to find great service and great prices.

Consider whether your shipment requires specialized assistance
There are some commodities that many shippers do not handle, such as vehicles, family moves, and commodities like wheat. Not everyone handles oversized cargo, so if you want to ship a full subway train, you definitely need a large or specialized carrier. A more common set of exceptions that many small shippers do not handle are dangerous goods. Don’t let the name fool you. This category includes some seemingly innocuous products, such as battery-operated toys.

Another important consideration is geographic coverage.
Not all carriers ship goods around the world. Smaller businesses usually have a rather limited network of agents for local delivery or collection and customs clearance. They will likely cover the most common trading partners in your country, but if you are importing from Bhutan and China, for example, you should check with potential new carriers first.

Dos and Don’ts of Working with a Global Freight Forwarder
Working with a world-renowned freight forwarder has its advantages. You are entitled to great prices and preferential treatment from the major air and ocean shipping companies. Popularity, however, means that during busy times, larger customers get preferential treatment at the expense of smaller customers. In fact, in a recent mystery shopping survey, only 35% of major carriers responded to small business requests for quotes.

freight forwarders near me

Can you get great service and a good price?

It usually takes a few days to get a price from the carrier. You will not receive tariff plans, only responses to specific quote requests. Figuring out how competitive your carrier is in service can be difficult. Often only personal experience will help, as online forwarding assessments are still ongoing. Since importers know very little about price or service, it’s no surprise that many of them pay for substandard service.

Please don’t trust online freight platforms, because due to the impact of COVID-19, global freight rates are currently floating, you should find a freight forwarder who can cooperate with you, online freight platforms cannot supply your goods with you business negotiation

When it comes to finding the right trucking company for your business, it boils down to:

  1. Consider if you have any unusual shipping requirements
  2. Consider how important your business is to the operator
  3. Need to give the right profit before your freight forwarder can serve you


Overall, the freight forwarding industry is vital to the economy. There are many jobs available, and that’s why it’s so popular. However, there are also some downsides to it. Many people believe that freight forwarders are the root cause of many economic problems. They may also not care about the environment or the shippers. This is why the freight forwarding industry needs to be regulated so that it functions properly and has a positive impact on the economy.

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