Door To-Door Shipping International

Door To-Door Shipping International is a service. Where the freight forward in china , guarantees the deliverables picking up from a specific location. And end up in a particular location through the cities covered by the shipping regions. Choosing your best way from FBAFO lays on what, where you need to ship, charges, and transit time.

All you need to know about Door to Door Delivery from China to your country, Door-to-door Shipping goods from China directly to your doorstep.FBAFO Logistics has been at the forefront of aiding in the smooth shipping of goods from China to different regions all over the world.

In this guide, we will introduce to you all that you need to know about door to door shipping services and how you can take advantage of our expertise to ship goods directly from China to your doorstep.

Door To-Door Shipping International


What Is A Door To-Door Shipping International From China?

Door to door shipping service is a service. With a door to door shipping company, it is guaranteed to collect the goods to be delivered at a specific location. And land at a specific location through the cities covered by the shipping area. Choosing the best way to ship from FBAFO boils down to what, where you need to ship to, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

With this service, the freight forwarder collects the containers of the goods or the goods themselves, transports them to the port and completes all necessary formalities.

The cargo is then processed and handed over to the carrier, who delivers the cargo to the port of destination, where it is picked up by the carrier and finally delivered to the sender’s address.

This service is called door-to-door delivery because the carrier is responsible for the collection, documentation, transportation and delivery of the shipment from the beginning to the end of the value chain.

Why Is Door To Door Shipping Service So Important?

Door-to-door shipping is very important as it facilitates the smooth delivery of goods within the stipulated time. In the business world, time is of the essence and delivery delays can cause ongoing losses from which businesses may not recover.

For this reason and others, importers prefer service providers like FBAFO who can guarantee fast and safe transportation of their goods from China to their location in their home country.

Below are some of the benefits of door to door shipping.

This service saves you money
Hiring a different company to handle the process for you will cost you a lot of money and may even cost you money at the end of the day. Letting a single carrier like Dongfanghong Logistics handle the entire process from start to finish can save you money.

save time
For example, if you live in Europe or Africa and you have to handle a shipment from China, imagine how long it takes? Ordering goods online through online stores such as Alibaba is only the first step in the import business. It can take a long time to transport your order from the port of origin to the port of destination. On the other hand, door-to-door shipping services speed up the process and ensure you deliver on time.

Save effort
If you had a service that took the stress and hassle out of doing things yourself, would you use it? This is where FBAFO helps its clients. We take the stress out of shipping your cargo to the destination of your choice by taking full responsibility for it. You don’t have to travel to China to get the job done. Don’t you have to deal with so many units in the value chain?

Easier process
Shipping goods from China to another country or continent can actually be a tedious job due to complicated processes and a lot of paperwork. Today, shippers can rely on us and not have to worry about the small details of shipping their cargo. We simplify our service for your comfort and trust as we free your business from the worries of doing the work alone.

Customs clearance without pressure
Importing goods from another country requires a lot of paperwork and customs clearance. With our help, you should find your way through Chinese customs and your home country’s customs authorities. We will also notify you of prohibited items to avoid and pay any necessary duties on your behalf.

Enjoy optimized broadcasting
Simultaneous shipment of different shipments may result in shipment being lost in transit. Door-to-door service ensures that all your items are documented and packed into insured containers before being shipped to the port. Dongfanghong’s proven shipping process ensures that all of your items arrive to you in perfect condition.

Door To-Door Shipping International Service – Three Delivery Methods

We want to help you find the best way to fit your business, budget and shipping needs. You can do the following, Courier, Air Or Ship?

Courier from China

Once you want your shipment to arrive faster than any other way, you can track your package online. Then the express shipping option is for you. A cargo plane is used to express goods from China. The company specializes in the transportation of small batches of goods. As with any other shipping method, costs vary by weight.

By using express services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc., you can ensure that your parcel is safe and secure. This option from the FBAFO company provides you with a secure and seamless delivery. After receiving the package, you only need a signature.

Air freight from China

But what if you have a heavier load and want a lot less than the Courier? In this case, air freight might be a good option. Moreover, the construction period of the equipment is very tight, and the safety requirements are very high.

Also note that air freight is sometimes cheaper than sea freight. This is the case, for example, if your load is less than 1.5 or 2 cubic meters. Also, keep in mind that charter rules are much stricter. Such as liquids, batteries, dangerous goods.

Before choosing this option, you need to know the airline’s flight schedule and destination. Then you need to do some customization and documentation related steps. Don’t worry; the shipping company Honorocean is here to help.

Sea freight services from China

Ocean freight or sea freight is the main mode of transportation for import and export business worldwide. Low price, high volume, FCL or LCL options. All these advantages make sea freight the first choice for international trade. It takes longer than other shipping services (average 3-60 days). Depends on where you want your shipment to go (destination).

Compare air freight! Sea freight is very flexible and can transport many different types of goods. Most people in Australia, Canada, the US and Europe opt for the Door To Door service. This requires you to pay for shipping. Additional services ensure your shipment reaches your address with the least amount of hassle. Therefore, large, heavy cargo is important for this type of transportation.

Door to door international shipping - China to Australia
Door to door international shipping – China to Australia

Door to Door Delivery Incoterms & Services from China

There are several incoterms involved in the shipping process from China that you should be aware of. Incoterms are adjusted every 10 years to suit the prevailing realities of the global shipping industry, and the International Chamber of Commerce in France oversees Incoterms administration.

The terms involved are several and may confuse shippers, but with the guidance and support of experienced freight forwarders, the process is smooth and easy. Here are the Incoterms involved in the delivery process.

Under this term, the exporter provides the buyer with the goods by transporting it all the way to his or her premises. Right from the moment he takes delivery of the goods from China, the exporter bears full responsibility for customs duties, transport costs, insurance, and any other liability involved in the process.

Free Alongside Ship (FAS)
A FAS stipulates that the seller will be responsible for moving the goods from their factory or warehouse to the port of loading. The moment the goods get to the port, the buyer takes responsibility for the risks onward and bears the cost of the shipment all the way to the final destination.

Free Carrier (FCA)
Under FCA, the exporter or seller processes the goods for export and hands it over to a carrier for onward delivery to a destination specified by the importer or buyer. If the specified location is the exporter’s business premises, he is responsible for loading the goods into a transport vehicle. Bear in mind that the exporter is no longer responsible for the goods once it gets to the specified destination agreed by both parties in the incoterms.

Free On Board (FOB)
This incoterm is highly demanded by importers in need of door-to-door shipping. Under FOB agreements, the seller delivers the goods to the port and sees to it that it is loaded unto the carrier after custom processing. Once the cargo is loaded unto the carrier, the risk of loss is transferred to the buyer who bears the transport and insurance cost from that point to the country of delivery.

Cost And Freight (CFR)
CFR involves a shared responsibility between the buyer and the seller. The seller exports the goods at the port of origin and pays for the freight charges. Once the cargo is in the ship’s rail, the buyer assumes responsibility for the transportation and insurance costs as well as custom tariffs.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF)
Under this incoterm, the seller assumes the full responsibility of delivering the goods to the carrier and paying the customs duties involved. The seller also pays for insurance too. Once the goods get to the port of destination, responsibility then shifts to the buyer who bears the cost of clearing and other attendant costs.

How does China door to door service work?

Importing goods from China to your home country is a relatively simple process when you partner with a reliable logistics company like FBAFO. Let’s briefly describe how the service works.

  1. Importer identification of desired goods: In the first stage, the importer identifies the goods/products produced by the Chinese manufacturer. He makes requests, communicates with producers, places orders and pays.
  2. Importer Hires a Door-to-Door Freight Forwarder: The importer then hires a freight forwarder to collect, clear customs and transport the goods to their destination.
  3. Freight collection transportation: Freight forwarders collect goods from manufacturers’ factories or warehouses, load them on trucks, and ship them to airports, seaports, or railroads.
  4. Customs Documentation: At this stage, the freight forwarder submits all customs documents required by the Chinese customs authorities. These documents contain all the information about the goods and the countries to which they are shipped.
  5. Loading: Loading the cargo into the container and transporting it to the ship for loading. Previously, the carrier has already contacted the carrier and set everything up on your behalf. Then start your home country tour.
  6. Home delivery: Once the goods are delivered to your home country, your agent will handle the customer clearance with the help of their intermediaries. After customs duties are paid and the goods are released, the goods are loaded onto trucks and shipped to your designated address.

FBAFO provides all Air, Ocean, and Ground transportation for your international shipments. Our freight specialist will help you choose the exemplary service for your shipments. FBAFO can supply a door-to-door service from China to several countries. USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Philippines, and Singapore. UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and almost all worldwide.

I hope you were able to get answers to all your questions on door-to-door shipping from China. Because your forwarder will be in charge of the majority of your shipping! You must choose someone you can trust with your shipment.

Door to door international transportation - China to Europe
Door to door international transportation – China to Europe

Documents required for door to door shipments

The shipping arrangement for door-to-door shipping includes the transportation of the goods from the exporter’s factory to the importer’s warehouse or final address. The entire process is handled by one carrier from start to finish. If the carrier uses more than one mode of transportation, the required document is called a multimodal bill of lading. A multimodal bill of lading is used for door-to-door shipments, also known as a combined bill of lading.

For a smooth and efficient door-to-door transportation process, FBAFO Logistics also provides some other services to complete the shipping value chain. Some of these services are

  1. Pickup and Delivery Service: As you know, we take care of pickup and delivery from the manufacturer in China and deliver it to your specified address and place.
  2. Packaging: Some items require packaging in order to be shipped from one location to another. If this is the case for you, there is no need to worry as we will take good care of the packaging of your items to protect them from damage.
  3. Home Service Tracking: This is one area where our service differentiates itself from the competition. Whether your item is a package, document or heavy cargo, we provide real-time tracking so you always know where your item is currently.
  4. Once your shipment leaves China, we will update you on its current location and provide a time value indicating how long it will take to reach your final destination.

Door to door shipping route from China

China – Philippines
China – Singapore
China – Malaysia
China – Indonesia
China – India
China – Pakistan
China – Vietnam
China – Thailand
China – Sri Lanka
China – Myanmar
China – Japan
China – Korea
Region – North America

China – USA
China – Brazil
China – Mexico
China – Canada
Region – Australia

China – Australia
Region – Europe

China – UK
China – France
China – Italy
China – Germany
China – Netherlands
Region – The Middle East

China – UAE
China – Saudi Arabia
China – Kuwait
China – Qatar
Region – Africa

China – South Africa
China – Egypt
China – Nigeria
China – Kenya
China – Ghana
China – Algeria

Door to door dangerous goods services from China

We also transport DG (Dangerous Goods) category cargo and items such as B. Industrial radioactive substances, sewage, industrial waste, chemical reagents, biohazardous substances, batteries and any other items that may pose a hazard to people and the environment if not handled properly. We have the expertise to handle them safely and make sure they get to you one by one.


Why Choose FBAFO

For years we have maintained a track record of delivering a top-notch door to door shipping service that our customers have come to trust. We give no excuses or cause any delays in the discharge of our duties. Once we are contracted to handle your cargo transport, we keep you abreast of the progress from the pick-up point to the drop off point.

We also handle the documentation and customs clearance in the various ports of origin and destination. Let us also add that our door to door shipping rates is cheap and very affordable. Contact us today and let us help you every step of the way. Ours is a service you can trust.

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