DHL Shipping From China – Best Shipping Guide for 2022

People often import goods, packages and documents from China to the worldwide, so courier services have become an indispensable air transportation service. There are many courier service providers, of which DHL is one of the world’s leading.

DHL shipping from china, It is something that manufacturers and trade customers often encounter,DHL express accounts for a large proportion of China’s export express. With DHL Courier, ensure your shipments are delivered on time from China to their worldwide destinations. With its robust web tracking system, you will receive updates from time to time. Delivering products on time is critical to building relationships and trust with customers. DHL delivery time is very advantageous in international express shipping.

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DHL shipping from china
DHL shipping from china

DHL Shipping From China , What can you ship?

DHL can transport most of the items you import from China. You must be familiar with its conditions of transport, especially its restricted and prohibited items.

If shippers comply with DHL’s prohibited rules, they can ensure that they do not suffer financial losses because imported goods cannot be transported. Most importantly, you can clear them through Chinese customs and Local customs clearance.

DHL Limits On Volume and Weight

Goods with limited weight and volume cannot be shipped from China to the United States by DHL, please contact us, sea or air, we can solve it.

Heavy cargo: DHL does not accept 300kg shipping.

Oversized shipments: DHL will not accept shipments with a maximum height of more than 95 inches.

Irregular Items: DHL does not accept items that are not square or rectangular.

How long does it take DHL to ship from China?

As a giant in the field of international air transportation, DHL express is very fast. In the off-season, it only takes 3-5 days from China to the United States, and it only takes 3-5 days from China to the United Kingdom. In terms of delivery stability, DHL is better than its competitor UPS. and FedEx longer.

You should also consider that shipping speed is affected by other factors. DHL shipping time from China depends on the time of customs clearance in China and the waiting time at the airport for pickup. During peak shipping seasons and fewer flights, your cargo will have to wait longer.

DHL Shipping From China, How To Pack Your Goods?

Your cargo, package or box can reach its destination thousands of kilometers away through a complex global DHL network involving multiple transfers, human and machine operations. Your cargo may be crushed by other cargo by stacking with other cargo.

You need to choose the right corrugated cardboard, packing material (such as bubble wrap or other flexible cushioning material) and packing tape according to the size and weight of your shipment. No matter what you put in the box, it helps ensure the packaging protects the goods.

Say you want to transport fragile items safely. To help you get the job done, you may want to follow these quick tips.

Use stiffer card stock. The outer packaging is the first layer of protection, and it makes sense to use cardboard. Fragile items are easily damaged, during the DHL shipping process, the goods will be stacked on pallets for transportation and crushed by others. Cardboard provides effective protection.

Use defoaming film. They are one of the best ways to protect fragile items. Use them to fill in the space within the blanks to cushion each item and prevent it from collapsing in the package.

Packaging is a necessary measure to protect your goods, but overpacking can increase the cost of shipping your goods, adding to your wallet. Shippers are advised to use compact packaging to reduce shipping costs.

How to calculate DHL shipping cost from China?

The cost of DHL shipping from china on the weight and size of the shipment. You need to know the words related to transportation, like gross weight, gross weight, and volumetric weight.

Gross weight refers to the weight of the goods being transported and the weight of the packaging. What is volumetric weight? When the shipper sends a larger item and its weight is lighter, the cargo occupies more space in the aircraft, and the carrier converts the volume into the weight to calculate the weight of freight.

Calculate the volumetric weight or dimension weight and compare it to the actual weight of each piece in the shipment to determine which is larger.

When the gross weight of the goods is small, and its volume is large, the usual calculation method is volumetric weight = length × width × height /5000.

If you want to get a quote for DHL shipping from China, we suggest you look for a China freight forwarder, as many China freight forwarders can offer discounted DHL shipping rates.

DHL Shipping From China ,What documents do you need to prepare?

Good information about shipping documentation. Shippers can now check online to see what documents they need to complete international shipping, and you can step through the process to ensure proper execution.

Commercial Invoice
The important document for importing goods is a commercial invoice. It shows the value, origin, and description of the goods. These are most of the necessities imported into. And it is applicable to taxable goods.

  • Additional Documentation Of The Imported Goods
  • Certificate of origin or manufacturer’s affidavit
  • A letter of authorization from any agent
  • Licenses, permits, letters of credit
  • Packaging lists

Exports: Exports from China may require some additional and special case documentation

  • The contract
  • Invoices
  • Packing list
  • China’s customs export customs documents

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