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DDP shipping from china to usa actually refers to “delivery after duty payment”, which means that the seller will transport the goods to the buyer’s specific address after applying for import customs clearance at a specific destination.

If the delivery is made, the seller must bear all the safety risks and costs of transporting the goods to a specific destination, including the payment at the destination when the customs department must apply for procedures.

All “taxes and fees” (including the legal obligations and security risks of applying for customs procedures, as well as payment of handling fees, import duties, taxes and other miscellaneous fees)

DDP Shipping From China To USA
DDP Shipping From China To USA

Advantages of DDP Shipping From China To USA

With DDP shipping from china to usa, the buyer can choose the delivery time. This is fine if you’re shipping something locally, but especially important if you’re shipping internationally.

You don’t have to worry about payment or customs fees, just prepare the required signatures and notifications for timely delivery. When you make your customers’ safety a priority, they feel more comfortable and are more likely to convert them into repeat customers or secure future business.

You are responsible for the item until it reaches the agreed delivery location. If you have an agreed place, the seller can fully guarantee that his goods will arrive on time and in good condition.

If you’re an online retailer and your average order value is low, the cost of risk can be high. In fact, for some, it may exceed the average order size.


Two Ways Of Shipping From China To The USA By DDP

  • DDP freight, which requires a freight forwarder to handle everything from A to Z, including customs clearance at both ends of transit;
  • DDP Alibaba, which only requires a seller on Alibaba or other e-commerce platform to provide all the required information about their products and their customers (customs declaration).

DDP shipping means the customs declaration at the time of export and the customs declaration at the time of import after reaching the destination. DDP Shipping includes import and export customs clearance.The terminology comes from a trade financing term, DDP, which stands for “Delivery Duty Paid”.

In other words, once you hand over your cargo to a freight forwarder China like FBAFO, they take care of everything from door to door: including trucking, export customs declarations, door delivery. After cargo arrives at the port of destination, freight forwarder handle import customs clearance, duties and VAT, then deliver cargo directly to the consignee.

How long does it take for DDP shipping from China to the USA?

DDP Air freight takes about 7-12 days for delivery. DDP Sea freight takes about 25 days

4 reasons to DDP Shipping From China To USA

DDP shipping is an excellent and affordable option for any eCommerce or Amazon seller. Here are 4 reasons

1.Safe and worry-free delivery to the destination

Whether you choose DDU or Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) when shipping goods from China is entirely the buyer’s responsibility. If you don’t know what this means, things may not go as smoothly as you hoped.

DDP is a great shipping method because it saves time and ensures your package arrives on time. It can be difficult for first-time shippers to understand Chinese customs, but we can help you find the best route or service to import your goods.

2.Protect the interests of buyers

DDP shipping from China makes it easy for sellers to avoid being dishonest with buyers. It is in the best interest of customers to respect them and ensure they have real choices. Buyers can test if shipping from China is right for them.

3.Sellers can greatly simplify the process for buyers by completing a sale

Sellers are responsible for all international fees and taxes, which means buyers don’t have to worry about any additional costs. This can increase the likelihood of a purchase, but if they face high taxes and shipping costs, they probably won’t.

DDP Shipping From China To USA provides a cost and time saving experience and minimizes the complications that foreign transaction fees can introduce

4.For safe delivery, whether by air, sea, rail or road

DDP delivery services by air, sea, rail or road are very expensive. Therefore, sellers are likely to ensure that their goods reach their destinations because they have already invested heavily in freight.

When you choose a DDP logistics provider like FBAFO, you no longer need to use a third party to handle the import and export aspects of your bulk shipments.

The risk of DDP shipping from China to the USA

Alibaba To Amazon FBA
Alibaba To Amazon FBA

First of all, compared with FOB/CIF, DDP is much more dangerous to the seller, and it should be said that it is a very risky trade term. Under FOB or CIF, when the goods are loaded on the ship, the risk is transferred to the buyer.

But under DDP, the seller’s risk lasts until it reaches the customer. If there is any error in the goods, it is the seller who pays. Therefore, as a DDP seller, you must be able to deal with the delivery insurance of the goods, and you can also find the insurance company if there is a problem.

Secondly, relative to FOB/CIF, the seller of DDP needs to know the importing country’s customs or other government departments’ policies on this type of goods, whether there are any restrictions, whether any certification is required, and how much the import tariff is.

Don’t wait for the goods to arrive at the port of destination, and it will be quite troublesome to deal with them. For example, when food comes to the United States, in addition to understanding the tariffs of the US customs, it is also necessary to understand the rules of the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Furthermore, there are quotations. DDP involves many links, and some links may not be considered in the initial cost calculation, such as the inspection fee incurred by the customs at the port of destination to inspect the goods, or even the overdue storage fee, and some other links have generated additional costs. . Therefore, when calculating the cost and quoting the customer, you can leave more space to remove unexpected expenses

How to deal with the dangerous problem of DDP shipping from China to the United States?


  1. buy a warehouse-to-warehouse cargo delivery insurance to avoid accidents during delivery.
  2. Find an experienced and capable freight forwarder, because DDP involves a lot of expenses. If you encounter an inexperienced freight forwarder, if there is an error or omission, it will cause a loss.

When the consignor makes an inquiry to the freight forwarder, he must explain the condition of the goods clearly, especially the name of the goods, which must be specific and in both Chinese and English. Six digits are enough, because the last four digits are based on the HS of each country, and the CODE is not the same. The exact address and zip code of the destination. Maybe the FOB value etc.

Alibaba DDP Shipping | Aliexpress | Amazon FBA

now offering the “ship from China to Amazon” service for sellers who want to ship their products from China to Amazon.

The service is an addition to Amazon’s existing DDP service, which includes storing and picking products in China and delivering them to customers in the US and Europe. The new service is available to both sellers in China who use external logistics service providers, as well as those who store their goods themselves.

As a retailer, the products you buy from Alibaba and AliExpress are likely to be sold by factories. These factories will sell their products on Alibaba/Aliexpress.

You may have come here because you considered starting your own online store on Amazon and eBay, but ultimately decided on Alibaba or Aliexpress. It is much easier for us to just have your shipment delivered to your address instead of burdening you with the hassle of couriers or the post office.

DDP shipping is a form of delivery where the seller is responsible for all shipping, insurance and customs clearance. DDP Shipment Tracking is accomplished by tracking the shipment using a DDP number. You can get this number from the seller’s or carrier’s website.

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    door to door shipping from china

    For more than 8 years, FBAFO has been focusing on DDP shipping in China. We help many private and business partners to import goods from China via DDP air, sea and train.

    According to the DDP terms of carriage, we are responsible for paying all transportation costs associated with delivering the goods until they reach the specified destination. There are no hidden fees for China DDP shipping, you simply receive your shipment at your doorstep.

    DDP shipping service is an idea for customers who do not have an importer license and cannot handle import duties and customs, and it is also an idea for Amazon to ship from China, because DDP shipping is a one-stop shipping service, including export and import customs clearance and duties, local countries

    Our overseas agent will help you with customs clearance and customs clearance, so if you need DDP shipping service from China, a freight forwarder with DDP shipping can easily pick up the goods from your Chinese manufacturer and ship directly to the destination. Please contact us for a free shipping quote.

    1. Cheapest DDP Air & Sea freight from China to your Destination, no additional charge.
    2. Fast & Reliable DDP Shipping service from China to USA, Canada, Australia, Euorepean, Singapore and so on.
    3. DDP one stop shipping, solving all your import custom clearance, Tax and difficulties for shipping from China.
    4. Trouble free pick up from any of your China supplier/manufacturer at lowest cost.
    5. Provide as long as 30 days Free Goods Storage at our China warehouse.
    6. Provide additional service including insurance, consolidation delivery to your Doorsteps.

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