China Departs Container Ship Rolls

A container ship ANGEL (ANGEL), which was parked about 2.8 nautical miles outside Kaohsiung Port, encountered water flooding for unknown reasons and had a tilting accident. The captain announced to abandon the ship. Because the container fell into the sea and affected the safety of the channel, the first port of Kaohsiung Port was closed in the afternoon of the same day, and all ships entered and exited from the second port.

The entire ship of the Angel ship sank, and more than 1,000 empty containers carried on the ship were all drifting on the sea. It was quite shocking at first glance. Due to concerns that it would hinder the entry and exit of ships, the port company urgently mobilized salvage and resumed the departure operation of the first port at 5:00 am today, and adjusted the entry and exit control time of the second port to open at 8:00 am and 9:00 am.

In addition, in order to prevent drifting empty containers from affecting the safety of navigation in waters outside the port, the Kaohsiung Port Branch urgently requested the port operators to dispatch working ships in the port area to guard around the waterway to prevent drifting containers from entering the waterway and hindering ships from entering and leaving the port, so as to maintain the normal operation of ships entering and leaving the port.

At present, there are a large number of containers floating on the sea outside Kaohsiung Port, and these containers have drifted out from the second port, and some have drifted south to Linyuan and Pingtung waters. Among them, 20 to 30 containers are drifting in the direction of Xiaoliuqiu.

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