Amazon FBA Box Size – How to Choose the Right Size for Your Products

Amazon fba box size limit, Amazon FBA has strict requirements on the appearance of goods. Confused about which box size to use for your Amazon FBA products? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider when choosing the right box size and provide tips to optimize your packaging for cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this essential information for successful Amazon FBA selling!

Amazon fulfillment center is Each box of goods must be visually inspected for obvious damage and deformation before shipment and storage. If the outer packaging is damaged and deformed, and the label is blurred, it is recommended to deal with it immediately.

Origin label: FBA requires the outer box to be labeled with the national standard, and the national standard size is 4 square centimeters. The country of origin label is usually affixed to the upper right corner of the narrow side of each product carton

FBA label: The FBA label is the outer box identification of the product when it is received at Amazon’s warehouse. It consists of FBA information and Code 128 barcode. FBA tags are generated in Amazon’s system. Usually there are 1, 4 or 6 FBA tags in a PDF in A4 layout.

Amazon (FBA box size limit 2022), Labeling and UPC Barcodes Tutorial for Beginners | Step By Step

Amazon Box Sizes

Amazon FBA Box Size Limit

  1. The size of any side of the carton cannot exceed 63.5 cm, unless the size of a single shipment exceeds 63.5 cm. Cartons over 63.5 cm in size (e.g. non-transportable) must be placed on standard 1000 x 1250 mm pallets (UK only) or 800 x 1200 mm pallets (other European countries), unless a single shippable carton The size exceeds the standard pallet size.
  2. The size of the carton is selected to ensure the least free space after the goods are placed. Space utilization can also be maximized (as long as the products are not damaged) by using multiple packages in a single case.
  3. Cartons that are determined to be sold together (for example: sets) weighing more than 30 kg must be placed on a single pallet (one sold product corresponds to one pallet) and need to be placed on all four sides of the carton 9) Cartons sold in a single piece Commodities (such as furniture) weighing more than 30 kg usually need to be palletized. Warning labels must be placed in appropriate locations on all four sides of the carton.
  4. FBA requires the national standard to be pasted on the outer box; in order to distinguish the goods. The international style and color shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the document “National Flag Stickers 9.18 (CS4) Transition (1)”. The size of the British FBA headway national standard is a square with a side length of 4cm. The national standard is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two.
Amazon FBA Box Size
Amazon FBA Box Size

At the same time, everyone should also pay attention to packing the goods with cardboard boxes to avoid unnecessary losses caused by damage to the products during transportation.

Everyone must pack the goods in accordance with the requirements of Amazon FBA for boxes. If they do not meet the requirements, they may be returned by the warehouse. The return fee generated will be borne by the seller, and unnecessary expenses will be incurred. Pay attention.

Of course, you can also choose an Amazon freight forwarder in China. They will tell you the specific packaging requirements, so that many unnecessary problems can be avoided.

Why Pay Attention To Amazon FBA Packaging Restrictions?

Providing box content information improves Amazon inventory management and helps your products sell faster. It is important to provide carton content information and follow these guidelines:

Each crate can only contain inventory from one shipment ID. You may not combine items from multiple shipments in the same box.

Amazon FBA Box Size Limit
Amazon FBA Box Size Limit

You can find the shipment number on the Shipment Summary page.
Make sure the shipment details listed in your seller account match the actual shipment to the fulfillment center:
Merchant SKU

  • Health status
  • Shipments
  • Packaging options (individually packaged or boxed)

If the weight exceeds 15kg, “Overweight” must be written on the top and side of the outer box.

Packages must be less than 50cm long x 60cm wide x 50cm high and weigh less than 30kg. If this requirement is not met, Amazon will not accept delivery.

The above requirements do not apply to oversized and overweight packages, but each package can only contain one item.

If the shipping box is provided by the manufacturer, the size requirement is an exception, but the box must be clearly identifiable as the manufacturer’s shipping box.

What Are Amazon’s Guidelines For The Weight Of An FBA Box?

Amazon’s guidelines for the weight, Amazon warehouse requirements vary by country

Amazon US FBA Box Size And Weight Requirements

Amazon US FBA Single Box Size Requirements

  1. A single box is required to be no longer than 25.00 inches (ie less than 63.50 cm) on any side.
  2. Boxes may exceed 25.00 inches unless the length of a single item contained in the box is greater than 25.00 inches.
  3. If the length of a single item is less than 25.00 inches, whether intentional or not, sending oversized cartons to Amazon’s FBA warehouse may result in Amazon prohibiting you from shipping to FBA fulfillment centers in the future.
  4. Size conversion reference (retain two decimal places):
    1.00 inches (in) = 2.54 centimeters (cm)
    25.00 inches (in) = 63.50 centimeters (cm)

Amazon US FBA Single Box Weight Requirements

  1. The total weight of a single box is required not to exceed 50.00 lbs (ie less than 22.50 kg).
  2. Unless the weight of a single item is greater than 50.00 pounds, the box can exceed 50.00 pounds: First, if the weight of a single item exceeds 50.00 pounds, a Team Lift label is required; second, if the weight of a single item exceeds 100.00 pounds, it is required to be affixed with Mechanical Lift label.
  3. If the product contains jewelry or timepieces, the box must not exceed 40.00 pounds (ie, less than 18.00 kilograms).
  4. If the weight exceeds the standard and is not labeled as required, you may be required to pay additional fees, reject, discard, return or restrict future shipments to the FBA operation center, etc.
  5. Weight conversion reference (retain two decimal places):
    1.00 pounds (lb) = 0.45 kilograms (kg)
    50.00 pounds (lb) = 22.50 kilograms (kg)

Amazon Europe FBA Box Size And Weight Requirements

Amazon Europe FBA Single Box Size Requirements

  1. The length of any side of the box is required to be less than 63.5 cm, for boxes containing multiple standard-sized products.
  2. The box may exceed 63.5cm unless the box contains bulky items longer than 63.5cm.
  3. In addition, if the packaging box is much larger than the size of the bulky product, there may be restrictions on the transportation authority, additional fees need to be paid, or it will be rejected by the operation center.

Amazon Europe FBA Single Box Weight Requirements

  1. The total weight of a single box is required to be less than the standard weight limit of 23kg.
  2. Unless the box contains a single product weighing more than 23kg, the box can exceed 23kg, but requires a Heavy Package label.
  3. If the total weight of a single box is between 15kg and 23kg, the Heavy Package label should be attached, that is to say, as long as the single box weighs more than 15kg, the overweight label should be attached.
  4. If the unilateral length exceeds 63.5 cm, such as furniture and other oversized products, there are also relevant requirements for the tray size that must be used in Europe.
    European FBA only accepts the following types of pallets:

All European countries Pallet size: 800mmx1200mm
UK only tray size: 1000mmx1200mm
The height of the tray when stacked in a single layer: must not exceed 180cm
The total weight of a pallet: no more than 500KG

Amazon Japan FBA Box Size And Weight Requirements

Amazon Japan FBA Single Box Size Requirements

  1. For boxes containing multiple standard-sized items, Amazon
  2. Its size is required to be within the range of 60cmx50cmx50cm.

Amazon Japan FBA Single Box Weight Requirements

  1. The total weight of a single box is required to be less than the weight limit of 40kg, so as not to be rejected by the Amazon warehouse or incur additional charges.
  2. It is required that the weight of a single box between 15kg-30kg should be affixed with a heavy-duty package label. This is similar to the UK, where a single box larger than 15kg must be labeled as overweight.

Anyway, the box size and weight requirements for FBA shipments from different Amazon sites and countries are slightly different. For details, you can search for (Box weight) and (Box dimensions) in Amazon-Shipping and routing requirements.

Why Limit The Size Of The Packaging Box?

Amazon FBA employees are hard-working individuals who ensure and oversee the sorting, quarantining and processing of millions of packages every day.

They have to move a lot of cargo, and for their safety, companies put caps on the size and weight of boxes.

In fact, Amazon’s box guidelines ensure that suppliers put the weight of the box on the label. Additionally, suppliers are required to label these boxes as “team lifts” or “mechanical lifts” if the package’s weight exceeds a certain threshold. Therefore, there should be no risk to any employee at any time during transportation.

Boxes smaller than 25 inches are easier for employees to carry, and there will be no surprises during Amazon FBA processing.

Amazon Box Sizes Chart

Amazon Box SizeLength (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)Volume (inches)
A0 (BR0)10.2572.25161
A1 (BH0, BY0, BYO)1073.25227
A3 (BH1, BY1)1075.25367
1A1 (BY2)
1A3 (BY4)12.59.753.25396
1A5 (B45,BF5)13.5114.75705
1A7 (B47,BF7)14.587.25841
1A9 (B48)1412.59.51662
1AB (BFA)14.2596.25801
1AC (B7N)13.511.259.751480
1AD (BY8, BND)
1AE (BY9-BNB)13108.251072
BP0 (V4)1082160
BP1 (V4)
B0 (BS2)17.251211.252328
1B4 (B4D, BFD)17.7514.258.252086
1B9 (B4E, BFE)18.25991478
1BA (B4F, BFF)1912.2511.252618
1BB (B4G, BFG)19.2514.7512.253478
2B5 (B31)15.513122418
BT2 (S7)241531080
BT9 (S6A)5535.5887
CB4 (B58)6.512584524
J7 (B7H)
K3 (B42-BF2)18.7513.256.251552
K4 (B5E)19.5138.252091
N3 (B41, BF1, BJ0)16.25125.251023
N6 (B40)6.2512161200
P1 (BS5)21.2515.256.252025
P4 (BS8)2616.257.253063
P7 (BSB)2819.58.254504
P9 (B77-B87)27.522.584950
PA (BS3)20.2513.7512.253410
PB (BCS)2315124140
S5 (B44)22.2518.2512.254974
S6A (BT8)3555875
S8 (B7M)261541560
U0 (BSG)40129.254440
U1 (BCS – B7T)40105.52200
U2 (BFR)40.2522.2516.2514552
U3 (BFR)4010.53.751575
U4 (B76)4097.52700
U5 (B80)40201411200
W01 (BDA)1086.5520
W02 (BDB)12.75118.51192
130 (Z13)13.258.2510.5
120 (Z12)
100 (Z10)13.5115.25
28 (ZM1)1084.5
50 (Z05)1311.253.5
1B2 (BO1)15.7512.753.5
3A3 (B75)20.5313.5
B70 (PD)307.255.75
170 (Z17)17.513.58
1BK (B73)21164.75
110 (Z11)18143.5
Amazon Box Sizes Chart


The key to this success must be the smooth running of the business to ensure that it does not create difficulties for the buyer or seller.

Amazon empowers countless sellers in a simple and elegant way to do business anywhere in the world. However, suppliers must adhere to some guidelines established by Amazon in order to take advantage of the aforementioned offers.

Amazon FBA is one of the company’s broadest and most comprehensive services and falls under several seller policies.

Whenever a company sends inventory to a specific Amazon fulfillment center, they must follow the company’s packaging and labeling guidelines. Amazon has detailed its needs in terms of packaging. It is then the responsibility of each supplier to comply with these conditions.

Each box shipped to Amazon must be smaller than 25 inches, except for items larger than this size. Additionally, standard size multi-item boxes cannot exceed 50 lbs.

Any crate over this weight must carry one item. These guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of each shipment. More importantly, they protect any Amazon employee working to deliver the item.

Amazon designed these terms of service to create a fail-safe and foolproof system for delivering products to buyers. The company has had great success in this regard.

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